Apparently stuck is a clinical diagnosis

who knew??? When my son was diagnosed with schizoaffective/schizophrenia we ( the family and the church family ) started a journey. It has now been two years and things seem to be as chaotic and confusing as ever. At the last doctor’s appointment we ( my son and I) were told he was stuck  as a nurse  I have heard some strange diagnosis but this one was dead on target. For the schizophrenic’s brain does indeed get stuck and the unsticking can be short , long or somewhere  in between – not sure where we are on that score cause we have been stuck since April and it is now June.  For me that means that I am stuck also because my son describes me leaving (even for a short trip to the grocery store) as ” the lights goes out and the darkness comes and I don’t feel safe” any parent wants their children safe!! It is hard to explain this to others, after all “he looks well” doesn’t quite say what is happening inside his head and he does look well , exercising, lifting weights eating healthy all good things but the stuck part is harder to deal with on more than one level. If anyone watched what was going on in my house they would say how strange as I go where my son goes up the stairs, downstairs jut about anywhere – not to the bathroom but when he showers I have to sit in his room so that he knows I am close! This is a strange life I will post more later


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