This morning I was reading my devotional the one that says I can do all things through Him that strengthens me. And the word SUSTAINED popped into my head. As I think and meditate on that word I can surely say that I have been sustained. This journey which started the day the youngest was born has been constantly sustained by the church family while all the children were small up to the present moment in this place of chaos and confusion. SUSTAINED, I remember so many people helping and even on one occasion being told to “just go home we will look after the four of yours for the day !! really??!! So I left my four in the hands of my church family for a vacation bible school day and had a day off !! Of course there was laundry to do and a shower to take without interruption but what a blessing – and did I say thank you?? probably not or at least not loud enough. So when the youngest had his psychotic break I was again sustained, by those very same people who saw me cry nearly every Sunday and of course there were hugs and  prayers- Today 2 years after the diagnosis we are at a different place and I AM STILL BEING SUSTAINED.  This church family knows how to pray and hug and call. Sometimes they take the direct approach and say things like, ” tomorrow I am bringing a picnic lunch for y’all ” other times it is an email saying I am thinking about you or ” call me if you want to talk., I don’t have the answers but I can listen”  since the lesson Christ brought to us is Love, how come it is that we hold back or think I don’t know what to do , Love is an action word and we have to be other focused rather than me focused because sometimes love in action is uncomfortable. It is reaching out when you don’t know what it is you are reaching into and it is receiving that sustenance (that being sustained) when it is hard to move forward because you are stuck


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