Check my pulse, check my pulse and other little things

Check my pulse, this is a request heard hundreds of times in one day from the youngest to me. As a nurse checking the pulse is a elementary skill , you take the subjects hand place your index and middle finger over the radial artery located just below the thumb on the wrist and you count the beats. These days for the youngest to have his pulse taken is almost an obsession. And yes I do know there are pulse oximeters that tell you the pulse and oxygen consumption, however for the youngest this produces anxiety as he watches to little red lines beat and of course that causes them to beat faster and faster so we have one here at the house but he doesn’t use it! As I was reading my devotion today ( Colossians 3:12-14) (Ephesians 4:6) I was also getting the request to check my pulse. And I thought how often does God , the Source of life check our pulse?? Are we putting on patience, compassion, mercy gentleness? Do we realize that HE is truely over all, through all and in all??  What is your pulse like today ?? Also a shout out for the Abide app for prayer download it – it is free and the prayers are meditative, reflective and can be calming and I for one am thankful that I found it. If God were to check my pulse what would He find? Would my heart beat faster at being touched by the Master, the Lover of my soul, or would it beat faster in awe, or fear or in disbelief??

I can tell sometimes when I check the youngest’s pulse that he is upset and small things make his heart race like the thought of having to take a shower, when I feel this quickening I speak in calm slow tones hopefully to soothe. Sometimes it works. Sometimes when I check his pulse it is rapid but as I count the lub-dubs it slows – just at my touch , my presence. What if we tuned in to the Presence of the Source for that calmness , that assurance that HE IS, and as Ephisians says “over all,through all, and in all! “


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