ISAIAH 41:10

This verse came up again today. I have this verse engraved on my heart and in my mind – I don’t even have to look it up any more and it is a great verse to remember. So here is the back story from 2012 about this verse and the current situation.

In 2012 we sent our youngest off to college. Congratulations you are now an empty nester!! During the orientation at some point the parents were shuttled off away from their children into a big auditorium. There we heard several speakers about the wonderful attributes of said University. I had done this three prior times so it was no big news. However, the Dean of Student Affairs talk caught  my ear. He said 1/4 of the students would flunk out during their first semester; and I though “not my child.” Then he said 1/4 of students would get drawn into drugs , alcohol and other unsavory things, and I though “not my child.” Then he said 1/4 of the students would have to withdraw under medical reasons and I though “not my, well maybe could be a possibility for my child.” You see we had struggled with the youngest during his last year in high school. He was withdrawn and sullen and snarky. But having 3 before going through the same stages made it easy to write off as just a stage. This was not the case as we were to find out.

Somewhere in late in August Isaiah 41:10 started appearing on various devotionals so I thought that is a good verse and I memorized it. Little did I know I was going to be saying it a lot the next few years. In September the off sounding texts started from the youngest. Some in the evening, some late at night, some at odd times and I tried to make them make sense. They just didn’t make sense. Complaints of not sleeping followed by answers of “stay away from caffeine,”  and ” I think I have diabetes” followed by “see the student health person.” And things did not get better. By fall break mid-October – I was making various appointments to deal with the complaints – the doctor to deal with his physical, the chiropractor , to deal with his back and so on. I did not make a mental health appointment – it never occurred to me.  And then the call came ” I think you need to come and get your child and take him to the psychiatrist, he is talking of suicide and we are not capable of handling this” And so we did October 19, 2012, it still brings tears to my eyes because when we picked him up, it was obvious something was seriously wrong. More on that later.

So Isaiah 41:10 will always be my go to verse when I am in deep water, hopefully none of you will have such deep water but it is a solid, rock solid verse to remember that God is over all, in all and through all things and I am thankful that it was provided to me at an hour when I did not feel I needed it but really did – isn’t it amazing what happens when you listen to the Master !!!


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