Waiting, waiting, waiting ………….

Today is appointment day, which means waiting. If you live in America waiting is inherent in anything you do and with waiting comes impatience. We wait at stop lights, grocery check out lines, doctor offices and  many other places. So I choose to always take my knitting with me because it is calming and productive as I wait, even though my carpal tunnel hurts some days.

These days I am waiting for the youngest and for his anxiety to diminish and for him to feel better so that I can leave the house and not get 20 text messages from him in 30 minutes , yes this happens right now so I am waiting for it to get better. The only time I have left the house this week is to come with him to his appointments and wait.

I looked up waiting, wait in the concordance of my bible an found it had 9 verses( I feel like there are more just not in my concordance)  related to waiting, and not one verse on rushing or hurrying. Huh! At least not the rushing that we do daily to get to work, do whatever and get home again only to sleep and get up and do it all over. Most of the waiting biblically is to wait on the Lord!! Today my devotion was about Psalm 118:24 this is the day the Lord has made , let us rejoice and be glad in it!! Does anyone ever wait long enough in their day to rejoice in this day? Or do they just rush out the door and get on with whatever? When we rush, we miss the gifts that God has prepared for us, though I have to say this requires patience which I am not very good at practicing. I learned a Greek word it is -makrothymeO- it is used in the New Testament to indicate super patience so I have it on my phone so when I get antsy and restless, I just look at  that word ponder it’s meaning and pray for more patience. And take deep breaths, this healing of the mind takes a long time so I choose not to think about how low because I fear I will fall in a puddle of tears and I try not to think about the future because that too, can lead me down the road to the infamous pity pot. So Today, this minute is all we have, the past is past, the future unknown  today let us wait on the Lord but also WITH Him as He is over all things, in all things and through all things, pause look for the gifts presented and be thankful this is the day the Lord has made and you are placed in it!!!

I am also awaiting the arrival of my first grandchild, soon!! Or so his mother hopes. This event will be bitter sweet because I probably will not be able to go and visit this new life because I am waiting for the youngsest to get better!


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