A little brain anatomy – fearfully and wonderfully made

The brain is absolutely fascinating!!! As a former neurosurgery nurse the brain fascinates me. And these days that is a good thing. The brain has many parts the amygdala, the sympathetic,, the parasympathetic ,the brain stem and so on. The dictionary defines the amygdala  as a ganglion of the limbic system adjoining the temporal lobe of the brain and involved in emotions of fear and aggression. Ok too much medical talk so here is the way I think about the youngest and his brain.The sympathetic area of the brain says danger!! Alert!!! run/or freeze to whatever is causing the anxiety. The parasympathetic say ” now wait there is no danger , let’s be calm and reason about what is going on” so the youngest is stuck in this loop of anxiety to which his parasympathetic brain has been overwhelmed and cannot break the loop. His vagus response isn’t responding 😦 so we are trying to break the sympathetic loop which throws out stress hormones and increases anxiety which produces more stress hormones and more anxiety on and on .

It takes time, patience and some creative thinking about neuro pathways and channels. Here are some things for you to try the next time you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Try rocking in a rocking chair – yes this rocking motion stimulates the vagus nerve which in turn stimulates the parasympathetic brain . I love to rock now I know why , once the preacher said he was going to do a retreat with rocking chairs – well sign me up great idea  calming and peaceful rocking.
  2. Meditative deep breathing – this helps to reset the  brain also slow deep breathing in 5-6 minutes sessions
  3. there are also some acupressure/puncture points in the ear – we haven’t fully explored those yet but it is a possibility.

4.there is also a point mid sternum in yoga the pose is called the prayer pose look it up on YouTube while              you are at that stop light that never turns gently place fingers over this point and give a gentle massage with deep breathing

so this may all sound mystic and mysterious but remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator and while you are doing all that deep breathing remember to say a prayer to to one who gives breath and life and as Ephsians 4:6 say is over all things, in all things and through all things .


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