Wrestling with God and tears

Some days just are made for tears. Tears for me flow as easily as the rain in spring – just ask the folks at church who have seen me sit and weep and try to sing the songs and weep some more . Tears are NORMAL saline which the body produces for various reasons. The shortest verse in the bible indicates “Jesus wept”. The son of the most high God wept and He knew the ending to the story. I cry daily. Now do not fear some days it is because I am tired, frustrated or just plain lonely. Some days it is because I know things are a little better like this morning when I asked the youngest ” so you think I can go to church tomorrow.? ” and he said “yes!” Now this does not mean I will get to go but it does mean he can future think and that it is a possibility!!  Crying, weeping changes your body’s chemistry, it lowers your blood pressure it is like a release valve to pressure and men need to cry too!! So have a good cry ; somewhere in Psalms I think there is a verse about the Angels collecting our tears in bottles, well I think they must moan when they see me crying, surely they petition God and say something like” can’t you make her stop we are running out of room ” He of course is ever patient and just sends them out for more bottles !!!

and today my hip hurts which led me to thinking about wrestling with God. You know the story of Jacob who wrestled and was blessed but got his hip thrown out of joint. Well mine hurts and I do wrestle with God though He always wins. I think God appreciates a good discussion even In the form of wrestling and these day I do wrestle with Him. Especially about verses from Paul – who learned to be content in all things – well I am not content in this time how can you be content when your child is sick ?? What is this contentment thing all about and how do you get it ?? All I can say is that I’m not there yet – like that Randy Travis song around the bend maybe contentment is around the bend . And then there is that verse in James “Consider it a joy when trials come” REALLY????? Not at joy yet either so around the bend it is!!! Here and now I am assured that God is over all, in all and through all (Ephesians 4:6) so that will have to be enough in the meantime as I wrestle with God and travel down the road and around the bend !!!!


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