Happy Birthday

Today my eldest delivered a healthy 7.1 pound, 20 inch baby boy. He came into this broken world without any anesthesia and he is perfect. But of course I am a proud grand mom. His parents have cherished him for nearly 39 weeks and now they get to hold him and teach him and guard, guide and direct him. What a challenge and blessing also.

Today my devotional spoke of running and not growing weary ( Isaiah 40:31) , but I am tired and as for running I haven’t done that since I broke my ankle in 2004! It also spoke of receiving rest in the Savior (Matthew 11:28) and I need that too!! perhaps I am looking in the wrong place. I can’to speak to not being tired or rest but now ask me about praying without ceasing (1Thessalonians 5:17) now that I understand. This also speaks of joy but I dealt with that yesterday.

Today is a hard day for the youngest. Perhaps he got whammed by stress chemicals or excitement when he learned he was an uncle. Or perhaps it is because the barometric has moderated and we are enjoying a sit outside, listen to the July Flies kind of day after so much heat. I don’t know and perhaps this is why I am tired or maybe I am just old! My first devotion of the day assured me that I would not be alone in this day and indeed I am not. I feel the Presence of the Source surrounding me like the Araphel which surrounded Moses. I cannot see the Almighty but I am assured of HIS Presence. And I am thankful. So today another pray without ceasing day goes on and I am not alone which reminds me of another Randy Travis song”Through the Fire” . On days like today it is good to have your brain filled up with assuring , nurturing songs – even if they are country songs. Peace to all who read this .


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