Showers, hair washing and foot soaking

Today we had to get blood drawn. We have to do this every two weeks – this is better because before we had to go weekly and if we make it to October it will be once a month. This is because the medicine he is on carries a black box warning and has potentially dangerous side effects. So far we have not had any and the doctor tells us the danger has passed for the allergic reaction, but because of the warning we still have to ge blood draws. So off we go, prayerfully asking for a good sticker lab tech one that can get it done in one stick – we have had bad ones but today one stick and back home!!!

getting a shower seems like no big deal for most folks, and even for the youngest it was a fairly routine thing, until recently. His heart pounds and races at the thought of a shower, just the sound of water makes his heart rate go biserk up to 120 beats per minute and yes I do check his pulse. So we have to do showers differently now. Hair gets washed in the sink,”hurry ,mom” and “I think that’s enough” so it is 1 minute to wet his hair , 2 minutes to wash and 2 minutes to rinse, fast quick as I can and check his pulse to find that it is in the 100’s. So sit and breathe check pulse and when it is 88 or off to do a sink wash of the important parts – and another pulse check. Feet soaking next, while his pulse moderates and then scrubbing the callouses off . It all takes time . Hopefully it will get easier and he will be able to shower again but for now we are doing it in stages. He would like to not do any of it but my olfactory nerve can’t last and stinky boy is not acceptable, so piece by piece we get it done and move on


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