Haunting, Psalm 139

Since I spoke of being ghostly yesterday, it seemed good to talk of haunting today. A few days ago I was reading Oswald Chambers devotions and in it he posited we are to be haunted by God. Haunted in a way so that when any thing happens, good or bad, our first thoughts turn towards the Master of all. He gave the example that like a child haunted by his mother, whenever disaster strikes his first thoughts are of his mother and of course I thought of the youngest.

Right now he is haunted by me- his mother- and in his anxious thoughts he turns to me – for comfort, reassurance, calming and presence. Which lead me to the Psalmist and Psalm 139 in particular. Verse 2 says “You know when I sit and when I stand- You perceive my thoughts from afar!!” Some days I am glad to know that someone can perceive the youngest’s thoughts because some days I cannot. Today is one of them. He is restless going in and out of his room, so I ask “what are you doing? ” he says he doesn’t know and that he is restless. As he sits on the bed he says in response to my asking what are you thinking ” I don’t know if I should be in this room or in another room my mind is jumpy”  and so we sit for a while and then go down stairs  only to come up again in a few minutes. He tries to sleep but sleep will not come so we are off downstairs to lie on the couch and listen to the rain as it patters on the tin roof.

Psalm 139:14  for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Each person on this planet is so fearfully and wonderfully made all recombinates, all here on this planet full of diverse thoughts and feelings. Wouldn’t it be grand if we were all haunted by mothers who showed and doused us with nothing but love not just to us but for all others on this planet then there would be no terrorists, no fanatics, no need for greed because love would overrule everything. Ah such a dream.

as for the haunting part well verse 5 says ” you hem me in behind and before, you have laid your hand upon me”  and Exodus 33:14 says” My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest” I don’t know about the rest part seems that I feel tired not from working but from just being in this place and time. But I do know the promise of the Master going before and laying the path, and cling to that promise that the Presence will be with me and before me, because as Ephesians 4:6 saysther is one Fatherof all,  in all things, over all things and through all things and I cling to that ; am haunted by that. And that’s good news to be haunted by that Loving God who is in, over and through all.


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