Early mornings and being

today I was awakened at 5:52a.m. By the buzzing of my cell phone. It was the youngest “CMP?” Which is shorthand for check my pulse. As I staggered down the hall and go into his room , he is sitting crossed legged in his bed, arm out wrist extended for me to check his pulse. So I do and of course it is fine ” do you want some coffee?” “No, but I would  like a pancake” so off to the kitchen where the cat awaits his treats, coffee machine on, pancake made, let the chickens out , and get a cup of coffee. So begins the day.

I was thinking about time, after all the Psalmist says “this is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” And so we can choose to rejoice or not. One of my elderly members of my used to be Sunday School case would say” any day above the dirt is a good day ” and I can still hear  her say it even if she is now with the Saints in heaven. Kronos , the Greek word for time like the hours and minutes of the days as I listen to the clock ticking I think about this moment and what I am to do. After all, the Lord made this day and I have been placed in it. Or perhaps I should be thinking about Kairos another Greek word for time but opportunity rather than minutes. Being here in this place something that sometimes the youngest has trouble with, like a few days ago when he was restless and said he couldn’t figure out where he was to be, which room he was to be in and for what reason. Those moments are when you just remind him of appointments or not, and when things are going to take place and what day it is and what time it is as well as pray for anxiety to decrease and clearer thought processes.

Perhaps we should all abide in time and in opportunity to be kind, love more and be ever listening to the Creator Source for our placement at this specific moment. Sometimes I reflect on the question posed to me, “Who is this child, that God placed him under your care with your unique talents and background and what does He have planned for this child and for you? ” I don’t know the answer to either question .


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