Where are you going?

Where are you going?  It is a simple enough question but take a deeper look, what does it mean? I am asked this question many times a day and not always from the youngest . So I find myself saying things like, “I am going to the kitchen, I’ll be right back”, or ” I’ m off to the bathroom I’ll be right back.” So the where are you going is standard and I try to let the youngest know where I am going and what is going to happen as much as possible because the unknown causes his anxiety to rise to uncomfortable levels for him. If he goes upstairs to his room and I don’t come up I get a quick text message “you coming ?” And so it goes through out the day. This has been going on for weeks now and I have only left the house once for an hour to get my mammogram done.

so last night the hubby asks”where are you going” as I gathered my phone to go upstairs and replied” upstairs where else” yes it was a bit snarky but really my house is not that big. I can be found by anyone at anytime. I thought the question rather silly but on reflection maybe not. Where are you going? What path are you on? Is this the right path? Is it the best way?

Psalm 13 begins with How long will you(God ) hide your face from me ? And indeed some days I have felt the cry of how long! But read the whole psalm because it ends with “I will praise your everlasting love” some days I also feel that everlasting love.

Am I on the best path? is it the right one for The youngest? Is there a better way? I do not know the answer and I seek daily the wisdom and insight from the Spirit Source to guide me as I walk this path with this mental illness and wonder how long? And where am I going?


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