A good day

Today was a good day. And I am thankful for these precious good days. Today I have seen glimpses of my youngest without the high anxiety. His face relaxed and even smiled a time or two. He was also on one or two occasions able to tell me ” one good thing” that had happened today. I think they call it gratitude therapy and supposedly it excites the parasympathetic brain and sends off positive endorphins. We need all the positive endorphins we can get here.

today he also let me scrub his feet and cut his toenails. This may not sound triumphant but for us it is a big deal. He soaked his feet for 20 minutes, then I scrubbed the calloused feet and applied the cream I had compounded per the doctor.  He even said they felt good and one of his ” good things” was that his feet were clean!! Small things may lead to bigger steps and hopefully he will soon be able to let me go out on the world again to do things I need to do we will be thankful for the small things and ever hopeful.

Today we have also practiced aroma therapy. I have to say it must work. We had gotten the youngest an oil infuser set for Christmas and he hasn’t used it much. Early on when he was in psychosis candles and scented candles seemed to calm him so we got the set. So I lit the little candle and poured some lavender oil on the infuser and it did smell good. Soon both the youngest and the hubby were having a nap and I got to be downstairs enjoying the quiet. Nice ! So we will keep the aroma therapy going for now and if it clams everyone that is a good thing.

today my verse is Ephesians 4:6 and I am struck that God is the Father of all, in all ,over all ,and through all things. I am calmed by this verse and shall keep it close to the surface , it resonates with me right now.


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