Gratitude, attitude and small things

Today I was awakened at 4:23 by the buzzing of my phone, the youngest ” can you lie down with me” you see sometimes when he wakes up he can’t get  back to sleep and the invasive thoughts do just that – invade his mind and well anxiety gets ramped up. He doesn’t often ask but lately he has asked for help which means I lie down with him until he goes back to sleep. I am thankful that he feels he can ask me for help – there are others with this disease who are caught in a web of mistrust and paranoia and can’t seek help even if they need it because of the paranoia. So I am thankful even if it means that I am awakened early in the morning.

today I was pondering about gratitude, attitude and how they are connected to well-being. The youngest is being taught gratitude therapy. This is where he is asked to think of ” one good thing” and focus on it. This does not seem like a hard task but for him it is. Some days when I ask about one good thing he will say things like”no, mom, I’m not playing this game” or “there is no good thing” And I let it be. Today I asked for one good thing and he gave me three ! Wow, one of them was”I woke up today and I feel pretty good” another wow!

I have read a little about gratitude therapy. It seems that being grateful or thankful changes the brains chemistry and reduces anxiety, makes positive endorphins and boost the immune system!!! So I looked up gratitude in the concordance of my bible and found 12 verses cited for gratitude or thankfulness and I also looked up attitude; there wer 4 verses about attitude.

I read them and the two that struck me were Philippians 4:5-8 , and Philippians 2:8.   Philippians tells us not to worry but in EVERYTHING through prayer and petition WITH THANKSGIVING bring your requests before God.  I am sure there are many time I bring my requests without thanksgiving – this is something I shall work on. The other verse spoke to attitude. We are to put on the whole attitude of Christ who HUMBLED himself, and became a SERVANT in OBEDIENCE to the Father. Wow, I am sure I would rather not be a servant and be humbled but more and more I am a servant for the youngest , humbled by the fact that so many things he is not able to do – at least right now it hopefully soon. Just some thoughts for today.


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