Grocery shopping – and I am excited!!!

Today I went to the bank and the grocery store!!! This may not seem like much after all people do it every day. But the youngest has been stuck and I have been with him trying to unstick him and I think we are finally getting some traction, so this is big in a small way.

Even bigger because we got up this morning to the loud crash of thunderstorms and lightening which always gets the youngest tense. And then to find that a pipe had burst under the house sent the hubby and myself into urgent action to stop the pump and call the plumber and through all this he remained fairly calm. So when I asked  how he would be if I went to the store and the bank I fully expected him to say “let dad go” but he surprised me and said “I will be ok, how long will you be gone?” So off I went and although the bank was a bit busy – I texted him to let him know what was going on and then to the store, he did fine!!! This is a good thing one small step for the youngest and hopefully many more small steps to follow. He even said he might try to go to church , but sit in the classrooms at the back not in the sanctuary but at least it would be out ; another small step. When we started this journey with this disease we were told to lower our expectations, I am not sure that is good advice but for now I will take each small step, Praise the Lord who is in all, over all and through all things and I am thankful so very thankful (Ephesians 4:6).


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