What did I miss

so the other day was going quite well or so I thought. We were up early because hubby had to got the dentist so the youngest and I sat on the porch and played Yahtzee he won two games and it seemed like the day was going well.

Then I asked him how his day was and if he had watched the video assigned for him to watch from his therapist and he said” it has been a bad day , but the video helped. ” Wait what a bad day.  And I was puzzled , perplexed even. All the external signs pointed to a calm day even good but internally something else was going on.

So this disease is so confounding and unpredictable.  Again  I am in awe of the doctors, therapists and nurses who try to come up with a plan for these patients. It is as individual as they are and yet society groups them all together. Individually their needs are different but one thing they need collectively is understanding , patience, and kindness from everyone around them not just their families. Society tends to group people with serious mental disease as outcasts, untouchables because of , I believe, fear. And while there is fear there is no knowledge and of course the media doesn’t help. Think of the movies about mental health systems the portrayal is appalling and of course every gun death incident recently almost always has in the script ” he was known to have a mental problem” . As the parent of someone with a serious mental disease, I am thankful that the youngest has chosen to stay at home, but there are others not so fortunate. I pray for them and their families for their peace of mind because this broken world is not kind to regular folks much lees to those who have serious mental illnesses.

So here is my hope for this day – that everyone will try to get some knowledge about mental illness even if it just a little, because the youngest and others like him deserve compassion, mercy, love ,hope and peace even more than the rest of us at times. Once you have some knowledge ( not internet false knowledge) perhaps the fear will subside and you will reach out and lend a hand to those who are part of the least of these.


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