A new direction

Some weeks we have multiple appointments and such was this week and last week also. We had family meeting on Monday, and the youngest had his counseling today followed by a follow-up with the Doctor since we added a new medicine and jiggled the dose a bit so a new direction. Not just with meds though; I also had my counseling appointment this week and between family meeting on Monday and mine on Wednesday and some prayer and thought a revelation was made. Did you know that you can love some one to death or at least into more disability??

Let me explain, and I am ; or have been part of the problem but no more! The youngest has a serious mental health issue – schizophrenia but this is not near as debilitating as being so well taken care of that he feels no need to do things for himself. So my revelation this week (and I am sure that there will be others -lol) is that I needed to give the little fledgling a gentle shove out of the nest. Since his anxiety is so high this is a hard thing to do but a gentle push can make a big difference. So after Monday’s meeting I decided to do some pushing and it worked at least somewhat. Tuesday I told him I was going to the grocery store, just matter of fact of course he was a bit anxious, but I went came back and no texting -SUCCESS!

Wednesday a bit harder several errands to run and my appointment so several texts but I was determined not to be sucked into his drama and when I went to prayer team that evening he texted “you are going to kill me” – which of course was a vast overstatement and totally not true so I ignored it and he was fine . We have adjusted his meds upward , the anxiety is a bit better so another success tonight – he requested matcha tea and I told him to go and make it that I would supervise but he had to do it – SUCCESS. AND we filled out forms for a residential halfway house that will train him and empower him to conquer this disease which I know he can do. Not to say that these gentle pushes aren’t met with resistance but I truly believe the more I empower him, the less debilitating this disease will be and yes there is the growing pains that go along with being unnested but they will soon pass and fade as a distant memory because they will be replaced by a much more powerful felling of accomplishment!!! This will not be easy because teaching someone is a whole lot harder than doing it for them but oh my it is so much better to see the spark in their eyes when they have done even the small thing like making a cup of tea!!

My prayer for today is to continue to be a support for the youngest , but also to teach him how accomplished he is and can be with a little effort and I feel really good about this direction like the Angels are clapping their hands. God loves all his children, but like the good Father is he allows us to learn what he is teaching and sometimes the lessons are hard and difficult and have to be repeated but when we get it I feel sure there is a lot of holy celebration in heaven. Let us always seek to be learners from the most high Teacher amen.


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