Early days, and being

Today I was awakened @ 5:52 a.m. With the buzzing of my phone as I had set it to vibrate. It was the youngest “CMP?” Shorthand for check my pulse. As I stagger down the hall and go into his room, he is sitting crossed legged on the bed. So I know he is fully awake even if I am not. I ask if he wants coffee, but he says” no,but I would like a pancake.”  So down to the kitchen where the cat awaits his treats , coffee machine on and pancaked made, I think about the little conversations that occur.

yesterday the youngest had a  restless day and said .” I can’t  figure out where I am supposed to be.” He has said this before and so I ask where do you want to be, but he can’t answer.  . So I remind him it is Sunday and he knows at least the day of the week.

Where are we supposed to be? Now that is a question! This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it; the Psalmist proclaims. So we can choose to be in this place and time with respect to the Creator or we can choose to be in this place with no regards to the Creator at all.  There is a Greek word for time- Kronos like the minutes and hours of the day and another one -Kairos for opportunity.

perhaps we should view all days as Kairos- opportunities to be wherever to acknowledge the Creator and to be aware that where ever we are; we are placed. Let us take the opportunity to be kind, love more and be listening for the Creator.


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