The habit of doing what is best, rather than what is comfortable, to achieve a worthwhile outcome.

A new year comes into play and we all make resolutions, new diets, new reads, new outlook. I read the title to this blog page on a devotions I thought -“Yes, this is what I need to do, make a new habit of doing the right thing, not the comfortable thing” because doing the confortable thing has not worked out so well for the youngest. We ( my hubby and I ) have been doing comfortable things for the youngest and in essence have been telling him he is not capable of doing things for himself – which by the way is false !!! He is totally capable of doing a lot and a lot more than we ask of him!! I sometimes wonder if it wouldn’t be better for him to be under the guidance of some one who could be more loving to him by him by requiring him to do more for himself. You see we are stuck; we have seen the hullicinations,  the sleep deprived sucide watch, the seizure youngest. We have seen the worst and we do not want for the youngest to suffer these again and so we have loved him into dependency and clinginess and this is not good. So we now have to do the best thing, which is decidedly uncomfortable, we have to say no, you do it. Or we have to say Mom will be gone with her cell phone turned off and you (the youngest) will be fine. It may not feel fine for a little while but you will be fine and you are strong enough to do this. The youngest does not understand how this is for the best and yet each and every time    we choose to do the best thing, the youngest steps up and grows a just a little. It is growth and I know that it is a worthwhile outcome. Example,  the other day I had an appointment, we went through the usual coversation of ” do you have to go – yes, can I go with you – no” and on it went. I went to my appointment, receiving multiple text messages and finally texted him ok I am turning my cell phone off now , I will let you know when I leave. So I got home, no one had died and I just said to the youngest ” I am going to prayer team tonight, if you want to go you need to wash your hair and gets a wash and change your clothes”. After a few minutes he came and got his hair washed, got cleaned up and then he asks to have his feet soaked and scrubbed. Now this is forward motion and growth and what needs to happen . Was it comfortable – no but it was the right thing to do!!! I am convinced that for me – I need to make this a habit, a conscious choice, over and over so that it is rote and not so uncomfortable , so my new motto for the year is to do what is best, not what is comfortable, to achieve a worthwhile outcome!! Pray is works, pray I remain strong, pray that I do the best best I am convinced the youngest is a worthwhile outcome.


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