The path is steep

So for 11 months we have had an ongoing struggle with the youngest who has been stuck. With his anxiety so very high that to just sit out on the back porch took  a lot of cajoling and talking, and then the time out on the porch was brief. This coupled with his constant need for my presence has been rather draining.

We have had several hundreds of counseling visits , individual, family and personal. It has been hard and tiring. I recently read Max Lacudo’s book  “You’ll get through this. Help and hope for turbulent times.” I wish I  had read it 10 months ago. In it he references the story of Joseph ( the one with the coat of many color) and his struggle through being tossed in a pit, put in prison unjustly to finally after 30 or so years , he is reconciled with his family. I love it that THROUGH seems to be one of God’s favorite words. No matter where Joseph was , God was also there THROUGH whatever. I have certainly experienced the presence also but today during family was one of those ” praise the Lord” moments.

During the session the youngest stated that he was ” good” because he was tired of being “sick “. Wow, taking ownership of where he was moving towards might not seem like a big step but indeed it is a huge step. All during this 11 month struggle we have been coaxing, cajoling, encouraging and just being with the youngest. I have,on some days , thought well this is never going to end. And yet all the while, God has been using this time to get the youngest to a place where he could say ” I am tired of being sick “.  All the days he has tagged along with me and gone wherever I went has been used, nothing has been wasted in what seemed like a long time of waiting. I am more convinced today that indeed as it says in Romans 8:28 “and we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him.” Yes, indeed He does work behind the scenes, in the scenes and over the scenes. Again as it states in Ephsians 4:6 “one God the father of all who is in all things, over all things and THROUGH all things” . I know this now better than I could have before because I have experienced it. Now for the next step, well that is for what I have been gifted to flow from me and out. As in 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 (parapharasing) “the God of all comfort, comforts you during trials so that we can comfort others who also have troubles” . I don’t know how this will happen , perhaps someone will read this blog, or perhaps I will meet with someone but I need to be aware and be the vessel which allows the flow of such blessings to happen. So my prayer today is one of thanksgiving, one of humility, one of humbleness and again of thanksgiving, that the one true Lord of all is indeed THROUGH all things amen.


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