Nothing is wasted, even a funeral!!!

So all last week and for a part of this week the verse from Romans 8:28 keeps coming up in various devotionals and in different ways. Maybe I need to get the message that nothing is wasted -ever. Even when we make what we consider are mistakes, the Lord God can take that mistake and knit ( I just love that knitting is biblical!) that mistake into good.  I just recently finished Max Lucado’s book “you will get through this” and wow were there a lot of mistakes and downright meanness in that story of Joseph with the coat of many colors!!! But God did His thing knitted it all together for the good and thousands of people were saved from starvation during a famine!! So this past week one of  the elder members of our church died, she was 94 and had Alzheimer’s ( which is a terrible disease) . The funeral was Sunday afternoon and I had pondered about not going as I did not know the family real well and could only remember the person from my teaching Bible class but she had not been present for at least ten years. On an urge (perhaps the Spirit) I decided to go. When I told the youngest, he immediately said “can I go with you?” So I said yes but explained to him that he would have to sit in the sanctuary, with a lot of people, many of which he would not know. But he said that was ok, even though at church earlier he could not do the exact same thing, except with less people and all of which he knows! So off we went, I must admit I was about concerned about the whole adventure and we did surprise more than a few people. That was kind of cool and we did the whole service, no squirming, no rapid pulse,  no panic, just calmly participating. So was this a foreshadowing , or just another step forward in the two step forward one step back dance we have been doing recently. I don’t know but I am glad I listened to the Spirit, glad the opportunity for growth was presented and not wasted. Even if this is the one step forward before the two steps back it is still a step forward and for this I am grateful and even more in awe of our Lord who wastes no effort even in the smallest of things because He can magnify all those little things into a glorious tapestry , knit together as only He can. So my prayer today is one of humbleness and thankfulness for the Lord God who knits all things together -amen.


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