Community, fellowship, communion

yesterday was therapy day for the youngest. It was also my book club day. So I took him in for his session and his dad picked him up from the session. The youngest usually goes with me to the book club and this is good because it gets him out and into a fellowship of sorts. We don’t sit in the circle when we go that would be too much for the youngest at this point, but we sit near and participate even when we break into small groups and have mini discussions on scripture with thoughts being brought back to the whole group. Since he is so attached to me we are trying to loosen the tie that binds.

Yesterday our discussion was on what constitutes a Christian and at one point we were talking about fellowship. Someone stated that this was a must for Christians, but I posited that that was kind of harsh given that some are not able to fellowship with others and like the youngest and find it traumatic to be in a group. So then it was turned into a how many types of fellowships there are and what they all look like but the one that stuck was the fellowship with God the creator and His only son the Christ.

It felt better to leave it at that,because last Sunday was communion at our church. We have communion at the end of service and for closing rather than a benediction , we gather in a circle and hold hands and sing “Bless be the tie that binds” . The youngest was ok until he remembered the closing and began trying to get out of it and when he finally confessed what he was anxious about we reached a compromise, he participated in communion but left before we did the closing hymn. Sometimes we need to be cognizant of others, not to compromise the truth of God, or to allow the sinner to keep on sinning, but to remain in truth ;  love the sinner, the anxious, the ones with severe mental problems and compromise on the rituals. Sometimes it is a fine line of discernment which can only take place with prayer and petition to the one true Lord. So my prayer today is for wisdom to speak the truth, discernment to make the compromises and persistence to remain in the truth of God with love. Amen


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