A Sunday Sermon

Today we went to church, but we sat in the nursery rather than the sanctuary. This is okay for now, but hopefully the youngest will be able to be around people he has known all his life and sit in the sanctuary again soon. So today’s sermon was on God’s majesty and how He shows this through nature. The reading was from Psalm 19:1-5.

During the sermon, the pastor was speaking on the stars, and earth’s orbit and the sun and moon. I looked over and the youngest was reddening in the face and his breathing had changed. I asked if he was ok, and he replied ” no, not really”. So I reminded him that he was on solid ground, feet on the floor and that Gravity was in place. And I asked him if he could describe what he was feeling. He said it was hard, but that he felt like he couldn’t breathe and acknowledged that his brain was playing tricks on him. He continued to be restless so I had him pull his chair beside me and took his pulse, because both of those are comfort measures for him. His pulse was fine, and he took a few deep breaths, reminding himself that he was on solid ground.

As I thought of this later I thought “wow, wouldn’t it be something if we got physical cues everytime we encountered the awesomeness of God.” So my prayer for today is to regain the spirit of awe at the works of God’s mighty hand, to remain in awe, freshly and anew each and every day. Remember as it says in Ephesians 4:6 God is in all things, over all things and through all things. Have a blessed day AMEN




Calm, slow steady forward motion

So we have been coming up from the depths of seclusion last summer and this spring season has been slow progress but small steps make big changes. The youngest who even earlier this year had trouble getting in the shower is now showering nearly daily and I don’t have to wait outside the door or check his pulse, or talk to him while he is in the shower. This is pretty monumental!!! And the calmness is a bit scary. I know there will be other ups and downs, but calm well that is a new sensation. There are other things to work on in family and fortunately the hubby has agreed that he also needs to have individual therapy so he can have someone to voice his fears and concerns to and be open with without reservations. Seems we are a family who tamp down our feelings and not talk about them. Which is why family group is good for all of us, we can talk safely and without reservations and it is comforting.

so my prayer for today is gratitude in the calmness, increasing hope which was at a low point, increasing hope that overflows and becomes joy even in the scariness of the calm and for the peace which passes all understanding to remain even in times of change and confusion. I am stuck on a song this morning “Blessed be the name of the Lord” I do not know all the words but I am blessed today and am profoundly grateful that I can speak the name of the Lord without fear as so many can’t in this world. AMEN