This Sunday past the youngest and I went to church. On the way there, I asked if he would like to sit in the sanctuary, and his response was classic ” I would really like to do that, to be able to sit in the sanctuary but I just can’t right now, I’m sorry mom”. It broke my heart a little bit for I know how he struggles, but I will keep asking the question and keep trying to do the hard thing rather than the easy thing so he will move forward, but it is hard.

And it is harder when we look at the world events of the past week, with the killings, and the animosity, and hate and strife that seems to be stirred up and ongoing everywhere. Reminds me of that Christmas song – I heard the bells on Christmas Day, because there is a verse of that song which says ” there is no peace on earth I said then pealed the bells more loud and sweet, God is nor dead not doth He sleep” . I am so glad  that I went to church. The pastor had a sermon about the woman caught in adultey, now that is not something I have been caught in but I have been caught this past week in all the strife, and animosity going around. If you get caught in something I think the first thing you need to do is look for God in the situation, because He is always there, ready and more than able to assist you. Wouldn’t it be grand if the news reported on all the kind things that are going on in this world. It would surely help us to be less apathetic when something horrendous like the shootings happen. Anyway the sermon focus was not on the sin, or the sinner, but on the mercy and grace provided by Jesus. Yes, there it is again mercy and grace, something which is sorely lacking if you follow the news , or listen to the media. Blessed are the peacemakers, can we each one decide to be a peacemaker rather than an instigator?. Can we take a step back from our opinion and listen to the other side? Can we withhold one word of disparagement for one word of kindness? And can we do this daily until it becomes a habit rather than an unusual occurrence ? So my prayer today is for listening ears to hear, a kind heart which breaks at the despair and anguish of those who feel so beaten down that they act irrationally, and compassion for all of us in this broken world.

Next Sunday, the youngest and I will go back to church and I will again ask “would you like to sit in the sanctuary ” and I will hope for a step forward. Because life goes on and we are called to persevere in this world until we move on to our forever home with Jesus. Until then we are to be Christ’s ambassadors in this broken world and we should not take this duty lightly or without thought, but remain in God’s will, through the reading of His word and the praying of our hearts and LISTENING to the Spirit. Amen


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