Another Sunday reflection

Today is Sunday in my area of the world. This means for me it is the Lord’s day, a day of rest , reflection and worship. It was a good day, which followed a stress filled week and so the rest and worship was a blessing. So what is new?

Well, last Sunday our choir director popped her head into the nursery and told the youngest that she missed his smile in the sanctuary, and boom just those few positive words were enough . Enough for the youngest to say ” Enough, next Sunday I am sitting in the sanctuary “, and he succeeded. Not only did he succeed, but nailed it big time. He spoke with people, shook hands with those extended and participated , singing the songs and listenening. So after service I asked what was the Best/Worst thing and how did he feel. He admitted the best was that he had done it and there “really is no worst” . He admitted that he probably could have used the extra Ativan but chose not to ask for it and was glad he didn’t because he knew now that he could do the entire worship service without drugs. I reminded him that with practice it would get easier and he agreed.

We are also negotiating my going to the big apple (New York City) , to help the eldest with the grandson, while his dad is traveling. And we are also negotiating a change in the dynamics at home because, number two daughter is returning from being in Africa for two years. October will be a stirred up month but we are talking through the issues in family and I think that helps. It makes everyone aware of the stresses which are different for each of us and communication is a weak point for us.

So my prayer for today is that as we break down our walls, and release our fears we will  respect that each of us has feelings and not one is more important than another. That we will continue to cast our cares to the Lord, as well as make them known to each other. And that we will be able to sit with the discomfort , knowing that maybe the brokenness will be healed into a stronger place of faith, trust and hope. So the verse of the day is 1 Peter 5:6-7 and Phillipians 4:4-8 from the sermon today because all we are like sheep prone to anxiety and fear . AMEN


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