Shifting sands

Sunday today, much like any other Sunday except the sands have shifted once again. So last night the youngest sent me a text, “I am mad” “don’t come up here” . So honored that request  and texted back  ” about??” Thinking he would maybe give me a clue as to what he was angry about , but the response was short and terse ” stuff” “good night”. So what to do – say a prayer, go to sleep, hope things are better in the morning and so I did just that or at least attempted to.

So today is Sunday and we were up and off to church and again I asked about the mad and what it was about. He still did not want to talk. Got to church, parked the car and then he asked to be taken back home “I just don’t feel like church today” so I took him home went back to church and enjoyed the service, the songs, the scripture, the sermon but all the while was a bit distracted about the shifting sands and what the problem was and since I did not know what it was I could not help so turned that care over to the higher power and just had sabbath – the sitting with the presence of God.

Back home and all was quiet, hubby made a Walmart run so I asked the youngest once again about what was up. He finally relented and said his anxiety was up, that it had started to ramp up late in the week. So I explained that there was a full moon coming and that people who are ultra sensitive can feel the change stronger than others and that if he needed to take additional meds he had them available . I also told him that he needs to let us know when he is having trouble so we can help, at least to be able to listen and perhaps have some solutions.

Now I know there is no science behind this, but I also know that the moon can create tides, and other things like that, that births often happen during a full moon. So knowing that the God of all things set the moon in the sky for a reason, then we have to acknowledge that the reason may not be known to us. But God is good all the time and that this world has been broken by the influx of sin and so we are left with shifting sands which we do not understand, but we have a God who does understand, provides a solid rock and holds our hand as He places our feet on the rock even as the sands shift once again.



One thought on “Shifting sands

  1. I have a friend whose health is adversely affected by rapid changes in atmospheric pressure and drastic temperature changes.
    Myself, I feel so much more at peace when all electronics are off and even unplugged. Sometimes I can actually hear the high pitch of certain electronics that no one else seems to notice.
    And I think the moon theory may well be correct as well. Sensitive people can also be affected by changes in light and darkness. There are so many variables that science doesn’t yet understand.

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