Celebrating successes- small steps with great impact

We are celebrating successes today. They may seem small but they are successes none the less. In family today we reviewed the week and one thing that came out was about the many successes that The youngest has had recently and even though he couldn’t make it to church Sunday,the week has gone pretty well.

Successes and how we measure them can lift a person up or drag them down. I so want  to encourage all to uplift people any time they can. So the youngest is in charge of vacuuming but the machine has been on the fritz so we got it back from the shop on Wednesday. He met me at the car and said ” I’ll take it in, can we just leave it down stairs and I will vacuum!!” So that is what we did . And he admitted today that he had missed this little thing, this little chore which helps him feel positive and contributing to the household!! Indeed little things make a big difference.

Secondly, and more wow for me was as we were talking about chores and getting paid, I related that he had asked what I wanted for my birthday because “I might just buy you something” and then I said ” well, maybe you could take me out to dinner” and he totally surprised me and said ” Yeah, I think I can do that”. So while it has not taken place hope springs up and I am thankful for this little success because it has not been that long ago that he would have said “No way” . So we chatted about where to go and what that would be like and you can almost see the beginnings of wings forming for him to fly, to be independent, to achieve as much as he can!! I am at once both tearful with joy, and terrified that something will happen that will be a setback, but forward motion is forward motion and I praise the Lord!

so my prayer for today is that the God of all things who is on all things, over all things, and through all things will continually sustain us with endurance, hope and wisdom for these transition times. Amen


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