Miracles small yet mighty

Well it is now October, the youngest’s favorite month because it is his birthday month. He loves the change of seasons especially the colorful leaves which even as a small child he associated with his birthday. The earth has tilted and the days are a bit shorter , nights a bit longer and days cooler.

Sunday was communion which we celebrated. In our small church it is a tradition for all the congregation to join hands at the end of service and sing “Bless  be the ties”. So I reminded the youngest about this, he has a hard time being with people, even though he has been with these people all his entire life. It still produces anxiety for him in ways which I can not understand. This Sunday was different, communion done, and we gathered in our circle, with the youngest. He participated, joined hands sang. Yes , I know it may not seem like a miracle but it was a testament to his growth, his knowledge that he can be in a group, participate in a group and not “freeze” as he has said in family counseling.

And on another note hubby requested that we do devotion together, so that is happening. Another miracle within the silver lining of this awful disease of schizophrenia, things change for the better and I am thankful.

So my prayer today is one of thankfulness, for all those who have prayed for me, for the youngest,and for my family. Thankful for the God who remains immutable, and faithful, thankful for His enduring presence, and for His peace which passes all understanding . Thankful for the counselors, doctors, preachers, and friends who continually exude hope in the times of darkness, hugs in times of tearfulness , and smiles at the small yet mighty miracles which occur AMEN


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