Steps and half steps – moving forward

This week daughter number two returns from Africa where she has been for two years. And this will cause a shift in the dynamics of the household. We are moving forward ever so slowly but still a forward move. Last week the youngest was to take me out for my birthday but due to Hurricane Matthew we sheltered in place watching the rain pour down from the heavens. We did not have any damage but so much of my state is under water right now that it is impossible to not feel a bit helpless.

I fly to NYC in a little over a week to be gone for 6 days and this is also something new, I am assured that the youngest can do this extended period without me around, but I admit that I have concerns which Have continued to lessen as the days go by – thanks be to the Lord for placeing peace on my heart.

the hubby and I are working on us and this is quite eye opening so hopefully we will gain insight into each other and continue to steward our marriage as God directs our steps. This is also helping the youngest to know that we will be ok when he moves on and gets a job and a place of his own. Thanks be to the Lord for so many things.

Today my prayer is for the Spirit source to remain with me and in me , to provide the peace that passes all understanding , to provide super patience, to provide wisdom. And I am more than thankful for all these gifts that have been provided in the past which assure me that God is good ALL THE TIME, NEVER CHANGING, ALWAYS FAITHFUL, even when I am in doubt and fear , He is present . Thanks be to God AMEN


2 thoughts on “Steps and half steps – moving forward

  1. Stumbled upon your website last night. It is blessing me immensely already. Thank you for being a such a light to others. May you be “strengthened with all power, according to His glorious might, with all endurance and patience with MUCH JOY”. Will be praying for you and your family. Thank you for taking the time to share the knowledge of all the good that is in Christ!


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