Just as with the change of seasons, there are transitions in household routines, some good, some different, some temporary. This week we have had transitions. The second daughter came home from her two year missionary trip in Africa, and while it is a transition for her it also effects us, the trio in permanent residence. And on top of this  I am flying to NYC to help the eldest with the grandson when the son-in-law is in Nepal on a mission trek. So yes the transitions adorned this week.

We have talked quite a lot about all this seeming chaos for weeks in family group, but it still disrupts the youngest. His sleep pattern is off, his thoughts are off, his anxiety is up and there is not one thing I can do about this, because it is partially his choice  and partially the chemistry in his brain , oh and btw the full moon was Sunday which also plays havoc when the brain for some reason.

Here is some things that are doing well and I am grateful for, 1: this is only temporary, and we have lots  of safety nets in place ,thankful for the counselors and doctors daily,2: there is a church full of people praying over my family, and a book club and internet contacts who are praying grace and peace and calmness over  my family, again I am grateful because these prayers are heard by the most high God, and while I do not know what He may answer; I know that He has a good plan for my life and loves me beyond my wildest imaginings, wide and high and deep and long 3: there are those who go beyond knowing our situation and keep asking and offering ” hey, I can pick you up at the airport if you need me too” ” hey I will give  a call and see how things are”,and of course , ” I will lift you up in prayer” .

So my prayer for today is for learning for the youngest, that he learns that he has the ability to move beyond staying at home, that he is capable of working and being out in society even if it is only part-time . That he will see his capabilities , embrace them and acknowledge the hard things but not let them control his life, because he has so much to offer – he is such a kind and gentle spirit. I also pray that I will,have the ability to let go and not attempt control, that hubby will find the peace he is searching for and that the second daughter will find a job enhancing her talents as a nurse. Yes there s a lot of transitions here and I pray for the wisdom to see them in the light of good things to come. AMEN


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