Rest – sort of :)

So I made it to NYC, amidst birthday celebrations, and homecoming fish fry and general mayhem. The flight was a bit bumpy, but the welcome to NYC priceless because the eldest and the grandson were at the airport to meet me – it was fun. The hubby took me to the airport and as I hugged everyone my good-byes, I noted that the youngest was hesitant and his pupils were dilated , stressed to the max but willing to let go – another step on his journey.

Reports from home were mixed, Sunday night the youngest had a mild panic but farther texting and reassuring seemed to calm down, not needing additional medication. Today is Tuesday and I will be home on Friday, he sees his counselor today and I spoke with her yesterday explained the panic and the pupil dilation. She agreed to try to  call him ( blessed to have such caring counselors) and acknowledged what a big step this has been for the youngest. I agree, and will reassure the youngest that he has taken this step and there will be many more.

so today my prayer is for the son-in-law to have safe travels back from Nepal, the grandson to continue his growing and learning and just being cute, for the second daughter to find a job she will learn and excel at since she is back from Africa, the hubby to have more patience with them all and with himself and to not check out but lean into the recombinants and just be available to them, for the third one to continue in his work . For me I pray for the rest which has been and which will be because the letting go was hard and when I saw the dilated pupils I almost panicked !!!  Again I am thankful for all those who are praying peace over my house and my family right now, thankful for the safety nets , the counselors, the medication and the Lord God for being in all things , over all things, and through all things. Next post will be about the return and I am hopeful 🙂 AMEN.


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