I have returned from being in NYC for 6 days. I returned to a calm household, roast chicken and veggies and general calmness. Hugs from the hubby and son . Peace and calm. I read this quote this week while I was away

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”

—MARY ANNE RADMACHER, American writer and artist

and I thought of the youngest and his struggle with this disease of schizophrenia. He has such courage and he does not know this at least not yet. He has courage because he does get up and try again tomorrow. Some days there are choices he would like to make , like last Saturday. He would have like for me to stay home, but he did not ask for me to stay even though that would have been the easy thing. No, he chose to do the hard thing and let me go and help the eldest with the grandson. It was the hard thing, and the courageous thing. I knew it was a hard thing because his pupils were dilated, breathing a bit short but steady and very quiet. And his courage has caused growth which again he does not realize yet. I am so very proud of all that he has done this week. He did keep in touch, texting daily but not in a panic except for Sunday, but after some reassurances by me and by hubby, he again courageously pulled himself together and got up the next day and continued his routine, jogging, doing the self -care things he needed to do. We will be debriefed next week at our family meeting and I shall be crowing like a rooster beaming with pride and joy at both hubby and son.

so my prayer for today is for continued courage, continued getting up and stepping forward each day, knowing he can reach out not just to me but to others and enlarging his circle. Knowing that the Lord God who is in, over and through all things is all over this situation and I am grateful – eternally grateful AMEN


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