Holidays, Holy days, hopeful days

December and the holidays can be a little hectic and when someone has a serious mental health illness well things are far from “normal”.  We have been cleaning and sorting out the house in anticipation of visits from friends and family, some will breeze in and out others will stay and relax. We got the tree up last week and this week will be a busy one of appointments sort of anticipation planning for the influx of the holidays.

img_2598Yes the house appears ready, not sure if I am. We have started our Advent services and there is a quiet peace about Advent. The anticipation of the Birth of Jesus. Funny though Emmanuel (Jesus) means God with us, and if He is with us how can we anticipate His coming?!?! In reflection of the year we have had a precious forward moving year, and are in hopeful anticipation for the next year. But for now we need to pause, reflect, give thanks and even though things aren’t perfect they are okay and much better than last Christmas.

So just for today, and for this Advent season I am pausing to reflect, give praise to God for all the miracles the tiny ones and the big ones. Praise for the blessings that all the children will be home the this Christmas, not scattered about the world serving the God of all in far away lands. Thankful for the quiet times, the pauses, the giggles with the grandson when he gets here. So my prayer is that all will pause, reflect and feel the presence of EMMANUEL GOD WITH US, because He certainly is with us and He is certainly in all things, over all things and through all things. Amen, peace, goodwill, and glad tidings to all may you have a blessed Christmas.


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