The difference in small things!

So last week was grey, gray and today the sky is still grey, gray. We have had very cold days and today the high is supposed to be 70 and then tomorrow the high will be 38 – what is with this roller coaster weather. Luckily I have had a lot of practice with riding roller coasters with the youngest’s illness. I do not like roller coasters!!!

We were still in the down cycle when on Thursday we had to get a renewal of the prescription that was not working, so off to the pharmacy and glory – the medicine that does work was finally approved by the insurance company. Light in the  darkness, perfect for this Advent season.

Today while reading a devotional from Rick Warren from his Daily devotions I read that we should be thankful in all things. And then Pastor Warren stated this“Thank God in all things. No matter what happens, give thanks. The Bible doesn’t say, “For all things give thanks.” It says, “In all things give thanks.” You don’t have to be thankful for bad things in your life. You should never be thankful for evil. You don’t have to be thankful for cancer or a car accident or war or abuse. But God says in everything give thanks. Why? Because you know that God’s going to take care of you. You know he’s going to meet your needs. You know he’s going to help you.” 

Do you see the difference?? It struck me that I was struggling to be thankful FOR all things when I should be thankful IN all things. And yes there is always something to be thankful about. I believe that God the Father is In all things, Over all things and Through all things. Our circumstances must never dictate our joy, hope and love in Christ, and yet there are days when I forget this and stumble into the pit of despair and have to refocus letting the three ogres despair, hopelessness and discontent  know that my Lord is stronger , deeper, higher , longer than the misery they dispense to the world.

So today, even in the grey of cold weather, my prayer is like the man whose son was having fits and being thrown into fires ” Lord help me in my unbelief”, because you Lord are the God Father who is In all things, Over all things, and Through all things AMEN



2 thoughts on “The difference in small things!

  1. Such a small word and such a HUGE difference it makes in the meaning. In all things, I give thanks. In the hard, in the weak, in the grey or gray, in the peace and the joy, I give thanks because God is in all things. Amen.
    Glad we are neighbors at Grace Moments.

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  2. First of all, I am sooooo thankful that you were able to get the medicine that works. I remember being in that hard and scary place where the insurance wouldn’t approve the right meds for our daughter. I don’t remember being thankful much then, but I do remember His presence and I remember how He was leading me to love Him and to look to Him in the dark days.
    And your revelation of thankfulness… this is timely, too! I just had this discussion with our oldest, the one with health issues, who is sure that nothing will ever go right some days. Being thankful IN all things is ammunition for major waves of grace to roll into our lives friend.

    Love that you shared this at the #gracemoments link up this week!

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