This year has been interesting. We have had days of 70 degree weather preceded by days of ice and isolation. Interesting.

The youngest approached me the other day and said something like ” I need you to help me” so of course I asked what he needed help with. He then told me that his feet hurt. This is not a surprise as he walks more than 10,000 steps per day and most days actually walks between 3-8 miles per day. So I took a look at his feet and glory what a mess. He has callused soles anyway, but over time these had split and were painful!!

So bring out the foot bath and start the process of debreding the calluses and healing the cracks. It is a job that will take continual effort, continual monitoring, continual soothing with antibiotic cream and with callous softening cream.

And it reminds me of so much of life. We get to the place where we are so cracked, raw, bleeding that we finally ask for help. And we wonder what took us so long when the debreding takes place it is painful, but then the healing balm is slathered on and we are relieved when we come to this place of pain and healing.

Life can be painful, but we have this Healer, Jehovah-Rapha, the God who heals. He is ever present, we need only to ask. One of the scriptures says”you have not because you ask not”. Wow, just ask even in our most cracked state, healing balm can be applied. Remain vigilant, continually monitor, stay in the Word, and ask when things are not clear. So my prayer for this Year is to be aware, to be present and to have a presence for God’s glory to shine through me so that others are led to seek the Healer, the Lord God.


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