Wisdom – tooth

Today the youngest had one wisdom tooth pulled. This may not seem like a big deal and it probably isn’t  but for the youngest with his schizophrenia and anxiety issues it is a big deal. Last night I went to Prayer team so I knew that there were at least  4 other persons praying for this event to be as successful, as anxiety free, and as painless as possible, which was a great comfort to me.

The dentist commented after the procedure that it was “textbook” . And I commented that we had been praying for good results today and were now saying thankful prayers. The youngest did well. Blood pressure moderate and within reason, pulse again within reason, not bad considering not that long ago he would have had skyrocketing blood pressure and pulse, of course the extra medicine helped. And so did the prayers.

Praying is such a mystery. You can’t know what the sovereign God will make out of our little words spoken. We don’t know what miracle will occur when we speak them. These days it behooves us to pray as never before because the sovereign God is listening, and we should also listen to Him. He speaks to us through the Bible, through devotional readings and through worship, but sometimes we are distracted. Ok, in America we can be distracted all the time with our cell phones, and such. Perhaps that is why now more than ever we need to retreat, find some quiet space and commune with the sovereign God.

So my prayer today is one of thankfulness , for the skilled dentist and her staff who know and seem to care about the youngest,for the church family who send up prayers every time requested, for the privilege of living where we can read the Bible and abide with the Lord without fear of suppression or death, and for the Son who submitted to his Father’s will and died, rose again for us, for me , for everyone to be reconciled to the Father . Thanks be to the one God the Father of all who is in all things, over all things and through all things,who remains steadfast, and faithful and praying for continual trust in the Lord, for the Lord is the Rock eternal (Ephesians 4:6, Isaiah 26:3). AMEN


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