Begin- again

So we are starting again!!! Lol, isn’t that just like life to start over and over. The youngest met with his peer counselor person this week for the second time and hopefully this will help him move forward. I asked him what they talked about at their time when I picked him up and he told me “setting goals” . Wow, music to this tired momma’s ears.  I have been speaking to goals for a long time and sometimes it was falling on deaf ears, but perhaps now when a new person helping goals can be set and accomplished. And perhaps my goals were just too small, because some days were like, just get a shower, ok, not a shower, how about a wash, ok, not a wash how about letting me wash your hair, and finally hair washed . But perhaps that was the way it had to be at that time.

So I asked what kind of goals and he let me know that one of them was to go to an open mic night, and for him to read some of his poetry!! Wow, now that would be stretching and I said so and he agreed but he said that it would be steps one of which was for him just to go and sit with a group of people he doesn’t know and watch the program unfold,again a stretching exercise, and I am hopeful and prayerful and proud. Proud because he has embraced this challenge and has stepped up and forward.

So today my prayer is for this peer companion, who comes alongside. My prayer is for the youngest to have faith and courage to keep moving forward however long it takes. And for the transformation that we all will make one day as we move to our forever home where there shall be no more tears, for I have cried enough and I am sure the angels are tired of collecting my tears. And a moment of thankfulness that the Sovereign God remains faithful with new mercies each day. AMEN


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