So this past week the youngest made an appointment to go and talk with the admissions counselor at a transitional housing/work place. This organization helps those who have serious mental illnesses transition from where they are to a level of independence and helps them establish a work history as well as other things. The youngest made the appointment  and so we went. It took almost two hours and we got to tour the rooms and see the organization setup, which was good. The youngest and I had gone and talked with the admissions person about a year ago. This time we all went, hubby, myself and the youngest.

What did we learn? Well there are several things that the youngest needs to practice before he can go. First, he needs to get an id of some kind. I think his old driver’s learners permit is out of date for sure. Second, he needs to practice his money , management skills so we need to re-establish is debit card and checking account. Third, he needs to practice grocery shopping. Like actually going into the grocery store, picking out his groceries within the $50 per week limit given by the place and check them out. And of course he needs to fill out the application form.

Surprisingly, he has not been too overwhelmed by this. He is slowly working through the application form and does this little by little daily, this helps his focus and he doesn’t get overwhelmed. Once the application is in it may take up to two or three months to actually get to go for a “visit”. The visit consists of 5 days with him at the place doing the work and getting into a routine, then there is a post visit conference in which we all get together and decide if he is ready to take the next step.

For me I guess I never realized how much teaching goes on in parenting and I am thankful for the other three siblings who helped me walk this path without too much drama, lol. So now for the practice with the youngest and for the unwrapping, because we have certainly cocooned him quite well. Hopefully the unwrapping won’t be painful for him or for us.

So my prayer today is for patience in practice, for looking ahead and not behind (because we have seen the psychosis) , for encouraging words from us to him as he steps out beyond our tight cocoon, and for peace that this is the right step, and for the errors that will happen so that we can learn from them and set a straight path. And most of all thankfulness for those whose calling is for helping those with serious mental illnesses we thank the Sovereign Lord, who remains in, over and through all things, big and small AMEN



Dictionary .com defines this as “the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.” We all need to be accountable. The youngest is continuing on his journey with his peer counselor and so the other night at supper he asked “so when would be a good day to go and visit Caramore?” We were a bit surprised, but then he related that the PC (peer counselor) had asked him if he had made any effort to get to make a tour of this place. Of course he had not, and his dad asked him “Why are you doing this now?” And here is the thing – he had promised the PC he would get it done,  lol. Makes me smile –  a lot. Simple accountability, holding one to their word, promise or what they said they would do. I think about being reliable, which really is being accountable. Some people are not reliable, they have not been held accountable for their promises and sometimes it hurts others, yes we hurt others being unreliable.

But for today I am thankful, thankful for PCs , thankful for others who hold us accountable, thankful for the Lord who does not hold us accountable for our unfaithfulness when we come to Him and confess, thankful that He is always accountable, reliable, sufficient, faithful, forgiving and most of all loving. S my prayer for today is one of thankfulness and may the reliable all-sufficient Lord, El-Shaddi be present and a presence in your life as He is in mine. AMEN


We live in a noisy , distracting world and for those of us without serious mental illnesses we can usually get by with quieting ourselves. But for those whose brains are jarred anyway, sometimes the noise is overwhelming. And such is the case for the youngest, as with traffic, and all the noise bothers him – a lot. It bothers him so much that we have been taking alternate route, on back roads, where the traffic and the noise is less, but it really didn’t help too much. So one of the therapists suggested that perhaps some noise cancelling headphones might help. Finally the youngest looked up and researched and decided on some to try. And it does help though I am not sure to what degree, but at least we don’t have to drive 17 miles when we really only have to drive eight, a big time, gas, and nerve saver.

This week earlier the youngest got a phone call from his peer counselor. They had been talking about goals and one was for them to go to a poetry slam and observe and then perhaps one day for the youngest to actually participate. So the event was to take place tonight for them to go and observe, but yesterday the youngest confessed to me that he didn’t feel ready. I told him to discuss with the peer counselor and let the peer  counselor know his concerns. So he did, but can back and said “we will continue to look for opportunities” . Let me say that again “we will continue to look for opportunities!!!” .  So even if he did not go this time, the seed has been placed in his self to continue to look for opportunities and that is something I can water, fertilize and let it grow at it’s own pace. A positive outcome not disappointed in the results at all, waiting and watering the next step and thankful.

so today my prayer is one of Thanksgiving for noise cancelling headphones, perhaps I might try them out when the world rushes in so I  can hear the voice of the Father God. And thankful for seeds planted, positive steps taken, forward looking counselors, and the daily presence of the Father, who lifts us when we are in the pits, places people and things in our path, may I be ever watchful, ever open to teachings, and remain in His will and under His care AMEN