Dictionary .com defines this as “the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable.” We all need to be accountable. The youngest is continuing on his journey with his peer counselor and so the other night at supper he asked “so when would be a good day to go and visit Caramore?” We were a bit surprised, but then he related that the PC (peer counselor) had asked him if he had made any effort to get to make a tour of this place. Of course he had not, and his dad asked him “Why are you doing this now?” And here is the thing – he had promised the PC he would get it done,  lol. Makes me smile –  a lot. Simple accountability, holding one to their word, promise or what they said they would do. I think about being reliable, which really is being accountable. Some people are not reliable, they have not been held accountable for their promises and sometimes it hurts others, yes we hurt others being unreliable.

But for today I am thankful, thankful for PCs , thankful for others who hold us accountable, thankful for the Lord who does not hold us accountable for our unfaithfulness when we come to Him and confess, thankful that He is always accountable, reliable, sufficient, faithful, forgiving and most of all loving. S my prayer for today is one of thankfulness and may the reliable all-sufficient Lord, El-Shaddi be present and a presence in your life as He is in mine. AMEN


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