So this past week the youngest made an appointment to go and talk with the admissions counselor at a transitional housing/work place. This organization helps those who have serious mental illnesses transition from where they are to a level of independence and helps them establish a work history as well as other things. The youngest made the appointment  and so we went. It took almost two hours and we got to tour the rooms and see the organization setup, which was good. The youngest and I had gone and talked with the admissions person about a year ago. This time we all went, hubby, myself and the youngest.

What did we learn? Well there are several things that the youngest needs to practice before he can go. First, he needs to get an id of some kind. I think his old driver’s learners permit is out of date for sure. Second, he needs to practice his money , management skills so we need to re-establish is debit card and checking account. Third, he needs to practice grocery shopping. Like actually going into the grocery store, picking out his groceries within the $50 per week limit given by the place and check them out. And of course he needs to fill out the application form.

Surprisingly, he has not been too overwhelmed by this. He is slowly working through the application form and does this little by little daily, this helps his focus and he doesn’t get overwhelmed. Once the application is in it may take up to two or three months to actually get to go for a “visit”. The visit consists of 5 days with him at the place doing the work and getting into a routine, then there is a post visit conference in which we all get together and decide if he is ready to take the next step.

For me I guess I never realized how much teaching goes on in parenting and I am thankful for the other three siblings who helped me walk this path without too much drama, lol. So now for the practice with the youngest and for the unwrapping, because we have certainly cocooned him quite well. Hopefully the unwrapping won’t be painful for him or for us.

So my prayer today is for patience in practice, for looking ahead and not behind (because we have seen the psychosis) , for encouraging words from us to him as he steps out beyond our tight cocoon, and for peace that this is the right step, and for the errors that will happen so that we can learn from them and set a straight path. And most of all thankfulness for those whose calling is for helping those with serious mental illnesses we thank the Sovereign Lord, who remains in, over and through all things, big and small AMEN


3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. I am so excited for all of you. Progress is good. Prayers as you moved forward. I understand all too well what you are talking about. I know for me I have taken it for granted that certain living skills would be automatically picked up. We have had to go back and teach. I find a gentle push with lots of validation works wonders. Of course, the gentle push is not always appreciated but necessary. Great job- Mom.


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