Respite care

Respite care is when you give over all you are doing and take a break. This is something that everyone needs when caring for a loved one who has a serious mental illness. I have been reading today about vacations, retreats, soul revival and other forms of ¬†relaxing and getting away from it all. It reminds my of a very old commercial “Calgon take me away” and the person in the ad lounges in a bath of bubbles. Yes, being taken away would be great – except for one thing – you have to come back lol. Some days here where I am that ¬†are just too hot and humid, 90 degrees, 90% humidity, even the air is tired.

So there are some things which I do to provide myself respite care, even if I do not or can not go away. First thing each morning I give my day over to God, letting Him know that I thank Him for the rest I had last night, and for His presence with me during the day. Then I go and get me a coffee, have a devotion with hubby and eat breakfast. Some days I exercise indoors due to the heat index, others are a bit more rushed with appointments to get to and chores to be done. In the between times to relax there is always some knitting project to be done, and of course one round of Angry Birds (yes it makes me laugh and I am terrible at it). Then when day is done off to bed with another devotion time, this time I read what is for the next day and thank the Lord for a quiet day, if it has been one, or for His presence and peace if the day has been fraught with anxiety and stirred up emotions.

So for all who have those lovely vacations pictures on Facebook, instagram and other places, good for you, I hope you are also including the Lord in your time “off” because He is never” off” . So today my prayer is for vacations, mini retreats, even quiet moments to pause and reflect and honor the presence of the Lord who never goes on vacation and is always present Amen