Privileges – sorrow and joy

We have the great privilege of hosting our eldest, her husband and the grandson before they transition to another country. There are lots of moving boxes, and stacks of stuff here and there and a change of schedule/schedules. So the youngest has kept with his routines, his walking, his exercise, his appointments, his meds and this is a good thing.

He has been surprisingly calm and accepting of all the commotion. I am appreciative of this because when he goes to the next step he will have to make these kinds of transitions on almost a daily basis, so this practice is really good.

It is also a sad time after all the eldest is moving across the world, the youngest is moving out and up and onward. So my job is to remain calm, remain focused on the ElShaddai,the living God, knowing that He is able, He is in all things, He is over all things and He is through all things. So my prayer today is that my sadness will not overcome the joy, the joy at the progress being made , the joy at the grandson’s “Let’s do this” , the joy of seeing the youngest become a bit independent , the joy of seeing all these children become the wonderful people they are becoming. It is also one of thankfulness for the Jehovah Jireh – the Lord who provides patience, persistence and endurance in all this change -AMEN



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