All is quiet

image1We are experiencing quiet, lol. The eldest and the grandson and son-in-law have fled from our house to the other side of the planet, they made it so far safely,though a bit tired I am sure. We are trying to get back into some routine, get back to our focus of getting the youngest to be more independent.

This is harder than anyone would think. We have struggled with getting an ID, because the license place requested a ss# card, and of course the social security wanted a driver’s license, and after some time and finally talking with the folks at Social security got that sorted, but getting the ID  is still out of reach though we are closer. We went and the place was crowded and busy, neither is something the youngest can tolerate right now, but he is willing to go to another license place which may be less crowded, though farther away which of course means in the car travel time, and another hurdle.  He seems to be ok stating that as long as he has his head/ear phones he will be ok. They block traffic noise, car noise and road noise and have been of tremendous help and I am thankful and grateful. He has also expressed that he wants to do some practice grocery shopping, and that to will be a stretching thing for him, budgeting his money as keeping his emotions, his anxiety in check as he does this. So perhaps as the seasons change and flow into the fall with the cooler weather, we will also flow into a new season of learning and teaching and hoping.

so today my prayer is for a slow and steady pace of improvement, accepting the challenges that come, for the wisdom to deal with those challenges with a positive attitude, calmness, and direction. And rest, because August while wonderful was also tiring, joyful and busy . Amen


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