Success comes in small doses

So the youngest comes up and tells me “me and Eric are going to a poetry thing on Thursday.” ” Really??, I responded. He then sort of half laughs and says”yeah, I promised.” So off he went this evening and hopefully he will gain some confidence in himself, because if he could go to a university with voices in his head saying not nice things, then surely this will be better and easier. But it is always tension producing as well as anxiety producing. He did take an extra dose of his anxiety meds, which is ok. When asked how long he let me know he would be home around 8:30 , pause “or sooner” little giggle smirk. So we will see, but he did exit the door and get into a car without his headphones, and with a positive “see y’all later” so success does come in small doses.

so again my prayer is for all those who work with people with severe mental illnesses, the caregivers, the peer counselors, the therapists and the doctors. For all those folks who uplift the youngest and my family in prayers nightly and more than once when I have called in crisis or sudden and unexpected changes . I am thankful as I have seen the work of the God, who is sovereign and remains and works in all things, over all things and through all things. Thankful for the small dose of success and the possibilities that it might lead to in the near future rather than the distant future, thankful because we live and breathe and exist in a compassionate, merciful and grace filled God who is Immutable. We may not understand what we are going through but we can rest assured that Emmanuel,God with us, is present every step of the way. AMEN


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