Moving forward day

Well, every day is a moving day, sometimes it is backward  and sometimes it is sideways and sometimes it is forward. We got the word today and have penciled in November 6th on our calendar. This is a moving forward day as the youngest will go to have his 5 day trial at the assisted/vocational rehab living situation. There is some relief, some questions, some fears and yet there  is a lot of calm.

the youngest has had his telephone interviews which all went well. He asked some really good questions and got them answered. Today we went back to the place to sign  some forms for the vocational rehab and so in less than two weeks, he will go and I am excited for him. We have built a strong network of care for him, he has confidence in this network and we love all the prayers and continued support that the network has provided. It has been hard work . Not long ago one of my friends commented when I emailed her that I was up way to early for someone who was retired. And I had to laugh because the last five years have been some of the most intense nursing that I have ever done. But the hard work is paying back with big rewards.

So my prayer today is for This moving day, be a positive moving forward day. That the youngest remains calm, faces the problems and learns how to deal with them and a big shout out thank you for all those prayers which have sustained us theseyears, please continue with the prayers they are coveted and are sustaining. A praise to the Lord God most high who on my weakest days gave me strength, captured my tears, and wept with me, and smiles with delight at the progress this youngest has made, this is a miracle of step by step continual encouragement and learning for me to once again learn to let go, thanks be to the Lord for His presence and patience and for His continued faithfulness, AMEN



So the  youngest and I share a birthday month, a fall month, full of weather changes, leaf changes, and just seasonal changes. Once when the youngest was about 3, I was taking him to his preschool before work and it was one of those October days , cool, crisp , sun shining, colorful; the youngest says to me ” this is a glorious day! ” truly it was a glorious day, I was surprised he knew the word glorious and had used it properly, he was a poet in his heart even then.

Fast forward almost 21 years ( he will be 24 soon) and he is still a poet. His journey has not been an easy walk in the park, but he has persevered. He has taken his lumps, but not been kept down. He walks a bit taller these days. His interview at the progressive housing place went well, and as early as the end of this month he may go for a 5 day trial placement.

I am not sure how I feel about this. Some days I am so proud a speck of dust would pop me like an over-gassed balloon. Other days I am full of concerns and what ifs, that are quickly beaten backing my mantra of God is in all things, over all things and through all things. And the crisp fall air (which hasn’t arrived yet) is just around the bend, and I wait in expectant hope and anticipation of this next step.

So my prayer for today is that for the Lord (who is in all things, and over all things and through all things), will open the doors that need to be opened, close others, provide perserverance for the blips which will occur, strength to carry forward, and that’s just for me – lol, no , that is for all of us who are walking this journey with the youngest, those who are personally known to me and those who are Facebook/internet encouragers. I am thankful to all those who offer up prayers for this journey, they are sustaining, and uplifting and I couldn’t image doing this without them thank you all so very much and Thanks be to the Lord who has placed you here on purpose and you have taken up that call thanks be to the Lord AMEN