64B33199-F3D3-4CA3-8951-A85B1E1FCFF2And snow it did. I was particularly concerned because the youngest was to see his doctor on Wednesday and the snow was to arrive on Wednesday. And it did what the forecasters had said was 4-6 ,we got 12, and while it was lovely coming down , it halted everything. Fortunately the youngest did get to see his doctor as his appointment was early before the big blizzard.

He was still hearing voices, but after talking with the doctor, they decide that a small (one pill) increase in one of his meds was the best option. And the voices stopped. We  are thankful.

The snow continues all day and it was still snowing when I went to bed. Work got cancelled for the youngest and by Friday he was feeling down. I suggested that he and his roommates go out and build a snowman, or at least get out. He admitted that he and one of his roommates were not doing so good, but later he felt better. We could not get out so no rescue there. By Saturday we had some melting, though the icy spots on our rural road made driving hazardous and there were several cars in the ditches. Hubby got out and carefully went to the store and back. The youngest was out walking about town with his roommate, and asked if we could get him to the store for some supplies. Hubby went and got him. He got his groceries and went back, he had already done his laundry for the week. His biggest complaint was not working. I told him to hang on there were no more holidays until Easter and he would be okay.

Today it is bright and sunny. We went not able to have church due to snow in the parking lot and the road was still a bit icy. But I am thankful for this Sabbath. This rest day of melting snow and bright sunshine. Not everything is perfect, but at least the sun is shining, the youngest is coping with his new situation, and his new friends. He is getting used to the new dose of medicine which keeps the voices away. Can I be joyful in trials, today the answer is yes. This may or may not remain. But today I am thankful for the Lord who sends the snow for a while and then sends the sun (which I like much better) to melt the snow. Thankful for the team that go the youngest to the doctor before the snow, thankful the youngest willingly took his new dose, thankful for the warm house and no frozen pipes. Thankful for the pot of soup that is cooking in the crockpot, thankful for all those who prayed for the youngest and for the voices to stop. Thankful for gainful employment for when the snow passes the youngest will have work to do that will empower him, and boost his confidence.

So today my prayer is one of thankfulness and gratitude. The road is long and we need to preach to ourselves daily that our God is ever faithful, ever-loving and ever- present. I am blessed AMEN



Last week the pots which bang continually in my son’s head returned. This is not what we had hoped for but were prepared for it. He went to see his doctor on Monday, today is Wednesday and the pots are still there. The prayer team and warriors from around the globe and internet are praying for his relief. And yet the pots still bang away. He however, has not missed any work continues to get up, do his work, his exercise though I am sure it makes him extremely tired. At least the weather has abated  and we are no longer below freezing, Praise the Lord.

This morning I got up and did my usual prayer of  confession and protection and I was struck by the thought that I should guide my son a little bit. He does not want to up his dose of the one medicine that has in the past stopped the pots and voices. I get it, he had a seizure when on the higher dose, but today I texted him and asked him to consider just going up a little bit, 1/2 of one pill a mere 25 milligrams , which I believe would relieve him of his pots. I just made a suggestion, coached him to talk with his doctor and not to wait too long because pots are inherently not a good thing.

I continue to tell him that getting into a new routine takes time, and persistence and I am pleased he is still doing his job. But today my prayer is for him to release his anxious thoughts about increasing this medicine, to advocated for himself, and most importantly for the pots to stop their incessant clanging. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I know that God remains in all thing , over all things, and through all things, that He is present and capable and always works for good. Amen

New beginnings

So the youngest got off  on Tuesday, today is Thursday. What an adventure!!! We took him off to work , it was 20 degrees. Now that may be normal where you live but in North Carolina it is frigid. He called Monday night seems there was an issue with his meds,but that got sorted out and now he just has to get used to the routine. On his own , getting up, going to work, coming home, doing his own meals. Am I concerned, yes, a little because he has practiced all these skills but not for long and I do so want him to succeed.

Last night it snowed, I figure that maybe the good Lord is doing a throw down of the worst stuff and if the youngest can get through the worst stuff then the rest can be a piece of cake. We spoke with him last night, he was tired and that is a good thing. He wold us that his work kept him distracted from his issues which is also a good thing. Sometimes thinking is the worst thing you can do, mainly because you can get trapped into that downward spiral of worst case scenarios and all your confidence just floats away like a whiff of smoke on a windy day.

I love my son, but I can also love him into a sickness of dependency and that is worse. It is hard to see him struggle. We all want our kids to have an easy way but we are not designed that way. Without some adversity we wouldn’t use our brains. Without something to push us we wouldn’t develop our muscles and gain strength. I have to believe that this experience for the youngest is strengthening  him in ways which he could not be strengthened if he remained at home.

So today my prayer is for him to gain confidence, strength, discipline and courage. And my prayer for me is to sit on my hands and remain in prayer for him, but not intervene because he is capable, he is guided by good people and he is loved by the Lord who is a rebuilder, refiner, Helper and who loves which an everlasting love.

So I will keep Jeremiah 31:3-4 in mind today for the reassurances of being loved with an everlasting love, and for the assurances of being rebuilt, thanks be to the Lord of all, who remains immutable, in all things, over all things, and through all things. AMEN