New beginnings

So the youngest got off  on Tuesday, today is Thursday. What an adventure!!! We took him off to work , it was 20 degrees. Now that may be normal where you live but in North Carolina it is frigid. He called Monday night seems there was an issue with his meds,but that got sorted out and now he just has to get used to the routine. On his own , getting up, going to work, coming home, doing his own meals. Am I concerned, yes, a little because he has practiced all these skills but not for long and I do so want him to succeed.

Last night it snowed, I figure that maybe the good Lord is doing a throw down of the worst stuff and if the youngest can get through the worst stuff then the rest can be a piece of cake. We spoke with him last night, he was tired and that is a good thing. He wold us that his work kept him distracted from his issues which is also a good thing. Sometimes thinking is the worst thing you can do, mainly because you can get trapped into that downward spiral of worst case scenarios and all your confidence just floats away like a whiff of smoke on a windy day.

I love my son, but I can also love him into a sickness of dependency and that is worse. It is hard to see him struggle. We all want our kids to have an easy way but we are not designed that way. Without some adversity we wouldn’t use our brains. Without something to push us we wouldn’t develop our muscles and gain strength. I have to believe that this experience for the youngest is strengthening  him in ways which he could not be strengthened if he remained at home.

So today my prayer is for him to gain confidence, strength, discipline and courage. And my prayer for me is to sit on my hands and remain in prayer for him, but not intervene because he is capable, he is guided by good people and he is loved by the Lord who is a rebuilder, refiner, Helper and who loves which an everlasting love.

So I will keep Jeremiah 31:3-4 in mind today for the reassurances of being loved with an everlasting love, and for the assurances of being rebuilt, thanks be to the Lord of all, who remains immutable, in all things, over all things, and through all things. AMEN


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