Last week the pots which bang continually in my son’s head returned. This is not what we had hoped for but were prepared for it. He went to see his doctor on Monday, today is Wednesday and the pots are still there. The prayer team and warriors from around the globe and internet are praying for his relief. And yet the pots still bang away. He however, has not missed any work continues to get up, do his work, his exercise though I am sure it makes him extremely tired. At least the weather has abated  and we are no longer below freezing, Praise the Lord.

This morning I got up and did my usual prayer of  confession and protection and I was struck by the thought that I should guide my son a little bit. He does not want to up his dose of the one medicine that has in the past stopped the pots and voices. I get it, he had a seizure when on the higher dose, but today I texted him and asked him to consider just going up a little bit, 1/2 of one pill a mere 25 milligrams , which I believe would relieve him of his pots. I just made a suggestion, coached him to talk with his doctor and not to wait too long because pots are inherently not a good thing.

I continue to tell him that getting into a new routine takes time, and persistence and I am pleased he is still doing his job. But today my prayer is for him to release his anxious thoughts about increasing this medicine, to advocated for himself, and most importantly for the pots to stop their incessant clanging. It makes my head hurt just thinking about it. I know that God remains in all thing , over all things, and through all things, that He is present and capable and always works for good. Amen


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