64B33199-F3D3-4CA3-8951-A85B1E1FCFF2And snow it did. I was particularly concerned because the youngest was to see his doctor on Wednesday and the snow was to arrive on Wednesday. And it did what the forecasters had said was 4-6 ,we got 12, and while it was lovely coming down , it halted everything. Fortunately the youngest did get to see his doctor as his appointment was early before the big blizzard.

He was still hearing voices, but after talking with the doctor, they decide that a small (one pill) increase in one of his meds was the best option. And the voices stopped. We  are thankful.

The snow continues all day and it was still snowing when I went to bed. Work got cancelled for the youngest and by Friday he was feeling down. I suggested that he and his roommates go out and build a snowman, or at least get out. He admitted that he and one of his roommates were not doing so good, but later he felt better. We could not get out so no rescue there. By Saturday we had some melting, though the icy spots on our rural road made driving hazardous and there were several cars in the ditches. Hubby got out and carefully went to the store and back. The youngest was out walking about town with his roommate, and asked if we could get him to the store for some supplies. Hubby went and got him. He got his groceries and went back, he had already done his laundry for the week. His biggest complaint was not working. I told him to hang on there were no more holidays until Easter and he would be okay.

Today it is bright and sunny. We went not able to have church due to snow in the parking lot and the road was still a bit icy. But I am thankful for this Sabbath. This rest day of melting snow and bright sunshine. Not everything is perfect, but at least the sun is shining, the youngest is coping with his new situation, and his new friends. He is getting used to the new dose of medicine which keeps the voices away. Can I be joyful in trials, today the answer is yes. This may or may not remain. But today I am thankful for the Lord who sends the snow for a while and then sends the sun (which I like much better) to melt the snow. Thankful for the team that go the youngest to the doctor before the snow, thankful the youngest willingly took his new dose, thankful for the warm house and no frozen pipes. Thankful for the pot of soup that is cooking in the crockpot, thankful for all those who prayed for the youngest and for the voices to stop. Thankful for gainful employment for when the snow passes the youngest will have work to do that will empower him, and boost his confidence.

So today my prayer is one of thankfulness and gratitude. The road is long and we need to preach to ourselves daily that our God is ever faithful, ever-loving and ever- present. I am blessed AMEN


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