Onward again

The youngest has had a rough month, and yet he continues to get up, go to work, and do his daily exercise. I am sure some days he does not feel well. He is being closely monitored by the clinical people and yet his depression has set in. So another drug was added to his already full regimen. I am not really happy but that was not my decision, and my son says “if it helps then so be it”. I understand that the clinicians do not want him to be in that place of such dark depression (today is a purple day) kind of depression, but the more drugs you get the more likely the reaction or interaction with one or more.

So I am left just sitting and praying and trusting  the doctors do know what they are doing, that God is in control and that all things will work for the good, but I admit my unbelief takes over . So today my prayer is for fresh belief, fresh starts and fresh thoughts to take over to be placed with a new trust, a deeper trust one that no matter what happens I can still rejoice in the Lord, knowing that He is good all the time. Because He is Sovereign, He is faithful, He is trustworthy, He loves me, He is good and has my good in  his thoughts and actions all the time. Sometimes you just have to preach to yourself because the circumstances say something so very different and God is present even in our unbelief, so help me Lord in my unbelief and console me with your presence today. AMEN


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